The Female Power Within: Dust Jacket
Discover the Extraordinary Power in Being Female
Many women have achieved goals, personally and professionally, that our mothers and grandmothers could only dream of. We head corporations, compete in marathons, hold elected office, lead expeditions, write prize-winning novels, run universities, and in some cases raise kids as well. We're so busy, in fact, that we often don't even have time to ask ourselves, "Is this what I want to be doing? Am I happy in my life? Is this it?"

In this rich and reassuring book, psychotherapist and creator of the Life
Works programs Marilyn Graman and her longtime associate Maureen Walsh give you the opportunity to ask these questions at last. You'll look at the cost of striving for power and success on male terms and discover what a truly successful life would be for you if you could define it for yourself. In short, you will discover the incredible power of being female.

Dozens of original "uncoverings" and reflective questions will help you see how you've been measuring yourself by "scorecards" that don't make sense for you and to get so clear and grounded in mind and body that the life you want just begins to flow toward you. The adrenaline rush of struggling and competing and never feeling centered and peaceful will simply lose its appeal as you open up to the magnificent power you already have within you.

As you begin to relax into your female power, you will be amazed at how much energy you liberate for making wise choices, receiving all the good there is to be had, drawing wonderful people toward you, and just plain having fun.

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